Here are some recordings of my short stories:

Riding A Ray Of Light is set in the U.S. and is inspired by a true story. It was performed at Story Friday The Speed of Light.  

Southpaw was written and performed at Story Friday South.  It is a story about bullying, revenge and being left-handed.

The Modern Way is about pre-Revolution Bukhara and was inspired by the massive Ark fortress which dominates that city.  It was longlisted for a Fish Short Story award and was recorded at Story Friday Outside the City Walls.  I also read it at St Ives Arts Festival.

The Clown was written and performed at Story Friday Anniversary, to celebrate five years of successful Story Fridays.  

The Alchemist’s Mother, written for Story Friday Gold, this story is about just that – the mistress of an alehouse who helps her hapless son on his way to become an alchemist.  This does not necessarily bring good fortune to the family.

Living in the Shadow of Venus.  This story was written for one of the first Story Fridays, Not The Olympics.  It went on to win the Wells Festival of Literature Short Story Prize.

The Long Black Coat  was written for Story Fridays The 1980s, and is about being at university and trying to be cool, 1980s style.  

The Interview  was read at Story Friday Fools.

The New Religion.  Well, we’ve all wanted to create one at some point haven’t we?  Martin went that extra mile…  Recorded at Story Friday Solistice.  

Harvest of Souls is a story about missionaries in the Pacific islands in the 19th century.  Written for Story Friday Harvest.

Quilt.  This is a memoir of my mother, and her patchwork quilt.   

No Animals Were Hurt In The Writing Of This Story, was written for Brief Encounter Story Fridays.  It went on to win the Five Stop Story competition.

Left Behind, a story written for Story Friday Independence, looks at the life of an old Russian man living in Tashkent, after Uzbek independence.

I’ve always been fascinated by the Tube.  Invitation, written for Story Friday Underground imagines a party I’ve never been cool enough to be invited to. This story was published by Momaya Press in their anthology Music.

The Elder Brother was written for Story Friday Black Sheep.  It is a re-telling of the parable of the Prodigal Son, told from a different point of view.

A story written for Story Friday Outsiders, this is about a trip to Ireland:

Hanging on the Telephone, written for Story Friday Clean Slate, is about waiting for that telephone call. Or text.  Or email.  Or…

Love Vs War, written for Story Friday Mars, is about a picture of Mars and Venus that hangs in the National Gallery.

Standing Out From The Crowd, written for Story Friday Blue, is about being a foreign teacher in Maoist China.

Luckily, the recorder broke for Story Friday In Focus, so you are all spared my attempt at a Welsh accent…

Maeve.  This is an audio story walk, which was written to be listened to when walking from Alice Park in Bath, along the London Road, to Cleveland Bridge. It starts with directions for the walk.  If you want to skip the directions, the story itself starts at 1 minute 13.


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